Bike Theft at UCSD

Is your bike locked up?

In November alone, 30 bicycles were reported stolen on campus, according to the UCSD police department’s crime logs. However, this number is likely much higher as it does not include the number of bike thefts that go unreported.

In 2014, bicycle theft on campus accounted for $104,505 worth of stolen property, with only three percent recovered.

The UCSD campus police recommends bicycle owners do what may seem obvious: lock up their bicycles. In terms of recommendations, Campus Security says to:

  • Always lock your bike, even for “just a minute.”
  • Lock your bike to a fixed, legal device such as a bike rack.
  • Lock your bike in a visible, well-lit location.
  • Use a U-shaped lock.
  • If you use cables or chains to lock your bike, make sure they’re heavy duty and can’t be cut easily.
  • Don’t lock the wheels of your bike to a bike rack; thieves often leave a wheel and steal the rest of the bike.
  • Register your bicycle. To register your bike with the state of California, visit the the UCSD Bike Shop located in Student Center A, weekdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Registration fee is $6.

Bicycle components should be locked according to value–first the frame (the most expensive), the back, and the front wheels.

Bicycles can be registered at the Campus Bike and Skate near the General Store. Once a bicycle is registered, it is easier to locate the owner if stolen and recovered.