Pro-Trump Graffiti Scrubbed Before Triton Day

Photo courtesy of an anonymous student.

Pro-Trump and anti-Mexican graffiti was seen chalked across Library Walk, campus residential areas and outside the Raza Resource Centro on the morning of April 9. The graffiti occurred the night before Triton Day, UCSD’s admitted students day where thousands of prospective students visit the campus.

The graffiti included such slogans as “build a wall,” “deport them all,” and “Mexico will pay.”

The placement of the quotes on library walk, the night before Triton Day – the biggest UCSD event of the year – suggests that they wanted these statements of violence to be VISIBLE. They very much understand the importance of Triton Day, and the SPACES Overnight program where over 300 historically underrepresented students are currently visiting the campus, and wanted those students and any visiting Chicanx and Latinx students and families to feel unwelcome at UCSD,” wrote UCSD student Jessica Hatrick-Watson in a response letter this morning.

The letter also demanded that UCSD administration respond by 4pm on Monday with details on how the university will respond and protect the mental health and education of non-white communities.

The chalk was seen being scrubbed off by students and custodial staff this afternoon and is no longer visible on Library Walk.

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