UC San Diego Second Most Applied to in UC System

Jonathan Hernandez / The Triton

UC San Diego is the second most applied to campus in the UC system for the second straight year, according to preliminary admissions data released by the University of California on December 14, 2017.

The UC system as a whole received a total of 221,788 applicants, with UCSD receiving a total of 116,452 applicants. There was a 9.7 percent total increase in UCSD applicants; a 10.4 percent increase in freshman applications and 5.8 percent increase in transfer applications.

UCSD received an 11 percent increase in in-state residency freshman applicants, along with a 7.9 and 10.1 percent increase in out-of-state and international freshman applicants, respectively. Transfer applications for both in-state and international students also increased, while out-of-state transfers decreased by 11.8 percent.

Asian American and Chicano/Latino applicants make up the largest proportion of applicants to UCSD, while Pacific Islander, American Indian, and African American are less than 10 percent of applicants. First generation and low-income freshman applicants both decreased: 40.7 to 40.1 and 39.1 to 37.3 from 2016 to 2017, respectively. UC San Diego also has had the largest drop in Pell Grant recipients of any public college over the past five years.

UCLA continues to receive the most applications in the UC system, followed by UC San Diego and UC Irvine.

Mo Al Elew is an Assistant Editor at The Triton.