UC Regents Abandon In-State Tuition Hike, Seek State Funding

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Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Creative Services and Publications

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The UC Regents announced on Thursday that there will not be an in-state tuition hike during the board’s May meeting.

Instead, the university seeks $140 million in funding from the state on top of the three percent increase in funding that is currently planned for the 2018-19 school year. The state must finalize its budget by the end of June, and deliberations will likely take place until that time. If the UC system cannot receive sufficient funding, the Regents may consider a small increase to in-state tuition at a later date.

“Raising tuition is always a last resort and one we take very seriously,” UC President Janet Napolitano said. “We will continue to advocate with our students, who are doing a tremendous job of educating legislators about the necessity of adequately funding the university to ensure UC remains a world-class institution and engine of economic growth for our state.”

The California state budget surplus currently totals in the billions, and combined with student-led advocacy from all 10 campuses, the UC system is hopeful for an increase in funding.

While California Governor Jerry Brown gave a three percent funding increase to the UC system in his proposed budget and the UC Regents voted to increase out-of-state tuition this year, increased funding is necessary because of unprecedented enrollment growth, increased student services, and deferred maintenance.

The UC educates 90,000 more students than it did in 2000, but the California state government still provides the same level of funding. The UC Regents hope that increases in state funding for the university can eventually bring a fully state-funded university system and insist that “the university’s message to legislators is that today’s students deserve the same great University of California education that previous generations received.”

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