UCSD Bookstore Quietly Closes Imprints Location

Photo courtesy of The Triton.

The UC San Diego Bookstore Imprints location was closed last Thursday without any public announcement or input, a few months after the equally quiet closure of the Price Center Post Office.

According to UCSD Bookstore Director and Imprints Interim Director Tom Bonetati, Imprints did not make enough money to cover rent, causing the Bookstore to subsidize its rent.

“We did not create a student forum or go through a lengthy public discussion in that this decision was mainly an operational business decision and the Imprints Price Center location was not sustainable financially,” Bonetati told The Triton.

Bonetati said closing Imprints would allow the Bookstore to expand crowded seating and study space at Perks Coffee Shop, as well as make a greater profit by putting more Bookstore merchandise on display.

In lieu of the Bookstore location, students can do basic printing at the Imprints inside Geisel Library. If students need to use the 3D printing or large format printing (posters) services, they must go to the main production center inside the Campus Services Complex by the Canyonview Pool. Students may also use the Imprints website to request printing.

“It’s quite unfortunate that [Bookstore management] have chosen to move Imprints with minimal publicity or student feedback,” said ASUCSD Vice President of Campus Affairs Daron Woods. “Should the new Campus Services Center location prove to be an inconvenience, we [ASUCSD] can also advocate for the relocation of Imprints to a more central location in a new building once construction is complete.”

Ethan Coston is an Assistant News Editor for The Triton and an employee of the UC San Diego Bookstore. You can follow him @Ethan4Books