UCSD Bookstore Takes Over Operations for Audrey’s Cafe

Erik Jepsen / UC San Diego Publications.

The UC San Diego Bookstore became the new operator of Audrey’s Café in Geisel Library last week after the original head of operations, UCSD Sports Facilities, decided not to renew its contract.

Audrey’s Café was partially created through a three-million-dollar donation made by Audrey Geisel as part of the Geisel Library Revitalization Initiative. The project was dedicated to redesigning the interior of Geisel Library to meet the technological needs of UC San Diego staff and students.

Audrey’s Café’s doors first opened in May 2016 with UCSD Sports Facilities at the head of operations. The group has decided not to renew its agreement to instead focus heavily on its own operations, such as university recreational and athletic programs.

Along with Audrey’s Café, the Bookstore also operates Perks Coffee Shop as a separate entity.

According to Nikki Kolupailo, the interim director of Communications and Engagement for the UC San Diego Library, the only major changes to Audrey’s will be the Bookstore running its operations with Bookstore employees John Poggemeyer and Melinda Jimenez as café management.

“Audrey’s will continue to maintain its name and logo, existing primary vendors, [and] student employees will continue to make up the majority of the café workforce,” said Kolupailo. “The Bookstore and the Library expect the changeover will be nearly seamless to customers, with payment options—cash, credit, Triton Cash—and menu options remaining the same.”

Matthew Rom-Toribio is an Assistant News Editor at The Triton. You can follow him @MT2o.

Corrections: This article was updated on September 30, 8:45 p.m. A previous version of this article inaccurately identified Perks Coffee Shop, also operated by the UC San Diego Bookstore, as the new operator of Audrey’s Café.