Student Protestors Demand Chancellor’s Solidarity with UC Laborers

The UCSD Labor Commission, alongside several student-run organizations, rallied down Library Walk Tuesday morning to bring attention to UC workers’ rights and deliver a solidarity letter to the Chancellor’s Complex. Students from campus organizations such as the Groundworks Collective, Black Student Union, and Asian & Pacific Islander Student Alliance gathered in front of the Silent Tree sculpture to protest the UC administration’s mistreatment of workers and financial ties to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agencies. The demonstration was organized by commission members, including Prajay Lollabattu, who said he had planned it over the past week. During the rally, about two dozen students chanted and marched down Library Walk before attempting to enter the Chancellor’s Complex to present their demands to Chancellor Pradeep Khosla. According to Lolabattu, the students were “shut out of the chancellor’s office.” A student within the complex tried to let protestors in but also was shut out.  “We delivered the demands to a staff member of one of the vice chancellors,” said Lolabattu. “They promised to deliver the demands to the chancellor.” First-year student Ivy Martinez was waiting inside the Chancellor’s Complex and was planning on joining the protesters when they came in to deliver the demands. … Continue reading Student Protestors Demand Chancellor’s Solidarity with UC Laborers