Perks Coffee Shop to Permanently Close in Summer

Ethan Coston / The Triton

Perks Coffee Shop will permanently close this summer to accommodate the UC San Diego Bookstore’s planned consolidation to the first floor, according to Interim Bookstore Director Sandie Sears. Though a contract has yet to be signed, the shift is intended to accommodate a new Target store that may occupy the second floor.

Target is currently in negotiations with the university to add a location on campus, which will take the Bookstore’s current spot in Price Center. According to Jeff Graham, executive director of real estate, the lease will go to the UC Board of Regents for approval at the March 2019 meeting. If approved, Target is expected to move into the second floor of the Bookstore’s current location by January 2020.

The announcement of Perks’ closure comes a few months after the closure of Imprints in July 2018, which drew complaints from the student body. As with Imprints, the upcoming closure surprised and upset many of the coffee shop’s patrons, who regularly pack the space to work and study.

Leticia Hu, project policy analyst at the Chancellor’s Complex and Perks regular, was unaware of the closure. She said the closure will affect her “quite a bit actually, we often cater from Perks for meetings. This will definitely affect my colleagues as well.”

According to Sears, a total of 60 different departments have catered from Perks since July 2018. Many will now have to look elsewhere to cater their meetings and events.

Unlike customers, Perks employees were aware of the closure in advance. They will have the opportunity to transfer to Audrey’s Café, which is operated by the Bookstore, or another bookstore department.

Eventually, the Bookstore will move out of its current location to Triton Pavilion, which will be located across the street from the Student Services Center and is scheduled to open in 2023. Sears told The Triton that the plans include a new coffee shop next to the Bookstore, but it is unconfirmed whether it will be another Perks.

Samir Nomani is a Staff Writer for The Triton.

Clarification January 31, 2019: According to Sears, the Bookstore will be moving to the second floor during the summer while the first floor is remodeled. Before Fall Quarter 2019, the Bookstore will move downstairs, while the second floor will be converted into a space for Target.