What is the Triton?

Founded in 2015, The Triton is a digital-first, independent, student-run campus newspaper with the goal of covering content relevant to the UCSD community.

Created shortly before the defunding of student media at UCSD, The Triton is the sole fully independent student newspaper at UCSD. In an era where respected journalists are reprimanded for seeking out the truth, we think it’s important than ever to focus on local, laser focused journalism.

One of the 2016-2017 Triton staff meetings. One of the 2016-2017 Triton staff meetings.


2016-2017 Senior Editorial Board

Gabriel Schneider | Editor in Chief
Aleena KaramallyManaging Editor
Moon Pankam | General Manager
Shine Cho | News Editor
Ana Magallanes | Arts and Media Editor
Curtis Yee |  The Conch Editor
Jaz Twersky | Opinion Editor 
Heather Dewis | Lead Copy Editor
AJ Peterson | Photography Editor