The Conch

Although formerly known as an amalgam of satire, quirky news, and non-fiction that did not find a home in one of the other sections, The Conch now exists as a strictly satirical section, with articles in the approximate range of 150–400 words.


The function of this consistency is two-fold. First, it prevents confusion about whether an article is about something real or fabricated, as might be found in an article about the 2016 Sun God lineup. Second, it will allow for the steady growth of an editorial voice in a section with limited staffing. The Conch isn’t for publishing content that’s funny; it’s for content that’s funny and has a point. Articles for The Conch should have as coherent a lens as an op-ed.


Articles can employ a variety of design principles or gimmicks. These can include faux news reports, tongue-in-cheek op-eds, and Buzzfeed-style lists.

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