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The Sungod watches over our campus rankings. (Daniel Lee / The Triton)

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Last year, one of the central arguments for Division I athletics was that it would be the final step towards shedding UCSD’s “second-best” stigma. With the passage of the division one referendum and a new school year, we have four key rankings that we can’t wait to break out of second-best.

#2 in Parking Crises

This is a ranking that UC San Diego has climbed up at record speed over the past decade with the closure of parking lots in north campus and the increase in student population. Unfortunately, this is another ranking where UCLA has us beat. It is basically impossible for Bruin undergraduates to purchase a parking permit. Luckily, with the most recent closure of almost all the Regents lots and the removal of freshman passes, UCSD is going to give UCLA a tough challenge for number one.

#2 in Staircases

UC San Diego offers a world class stair climbing experience. Whether you’re worried about gaining the freshman fifteen or arriving to class calm and composed, the trek to any lecture hall has you covered. Unfortunately, this is another area where UCSD falls short when compared to UCLA’s famous “Awkward Stairs.” ERC student John Doe described this as “exactly what UCSD needs to focus on to be recognized as being on par with Cal and UCLA.”

#2 in Beaches

Our campus is recognized as a world-class surf and beach university. Although we are adjacent to a large and gorgeous beach, UC Santa Barbara has made their beach accessible by foregoing the nearby cliffs and actually building the campus and housing on the beach. SB Gauchos can be seen lounging in the sun and sand in between lectures, meanwhile thanks to UCSD’s lengthy staircases and tumultuous beach treks, ocean-going Tritons never miss leg day.

(Arianna Gorman / The Triton)

(Arianna Gorman / The Triton)

#2 in Online Drama

Many high school applicants are first exposed to the differences between the UCs through the viral “UC STEREOTYPES EXPLAINED” Fung Bros video. Almost an entire class of UC students have graduated with their main impression of the San Diego campus as “UC Socially Dead”.

Rankings define the campus and student body. If students don’t organize and pressure the administration to take action on these items, UC San Diego will forever live in the shadow of other UCs instead of living up to its true potential.

Mo Elew is a Student Life writer for The Triton.

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