Saweetie’s Icy Performance at Horizon 2020

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Photo of Saweetie performing at UC San Diego Horizon 2020 on January 24.
Arlene Banuelos / The Triton

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Going to Horizon was a fun way to take a break from studying for classes to listen to some lit music and hang out with some cool friends! The concert was hosted by UC San Diego Associated Students Concerts & Events in RIMAC Arena on January 24 and the initial line to get in was long considering how “thorough” the security was at the event. It got even longer when friends began linking up and larger groups of people swarmed in line as a way to make sure they were able to get a spot on the floor.

As we walked in, the energy flowed with DJ Demon on stage. DJ Demon is a San Diego-based producer known for his work as a video DJ, and is a member of Sleeping Giant Music. He played some throwback songs we hadn’t heard in a cool minute from artists like Big Sean, Travis Porter and Too Short. He also played some newer hip-hop music from artists such as Roddy Ricch, Megan Thee Stallion, Tyga, Drake, and more, while a weird dancing alien visual played on the big screen behind him. He hyped the crowd and set the tone for the rest of the concert.

Next up was Tobi Lou, a rapper/singer-songwriter from Chicago dressed in a T-shirt, fanny pack, and the shiniest, purple sequined shorts I’ve ever seen. He sang a few of his hit songs, such as “Darlin” and “Buff Baby.” For “Buff Baby” he asked an audience member to do the popular dance from Tik Tok as he sang it for her. He then did the dance himself on stage as the song continued to play in the background. His performance settled well into the audience as he brought the vibes. Tobi Lou not only hyped up the crowd with his fast songs, but also cooled us down as he serenaded us with his slower jams. I enjoyed his overall stage presence and connection with the crowd.

After Tobi Lou’s set, DJ Miss Milan came out to continue hyping the crowd up with her set. She set the stage as she jumped and landed into a split and started twerking not long before bringing out the headliner Saweetie, an up-and-coming rapper and singer from California. Saweetie performed her most recent song, “My Type” along with some of her other hits, including “Icy Girl.” She gave a shoutout to us college girls by saying, “If you a college girl, you a icy girl.”  Before she ended her show, she brought up a couple of audience members to have a twerk-off and see which of her fans were the “iciest.” Saweetie awarded two winners an original “icy” necklace and threw some T-shirts to the audience before she closed the concert. I wish Saweetie had performed a few more songs, but her overall performance was fire and she owned the stage. I also liked the touch of giving out T-shirts and necklaces to her audience; it heightened the UCSD concert experience.

In general, everyone seemed to have a good time at the concert. Unfortunately, there was a lack of air as the people on the floor crammed into the tiniest of spaces and an insane amount of sweat came from people’s drenched bodies, which everyone was trying to avoid. As I was leaving, five people wrestled over one of the T-shirts Saweetie threw and I knew they would probably be there for the rest of the night fighting for it. Horizon definitely went beyond my expectations for the night!

Kiyahna Brown is a Staff Writer for The Triton.