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EDITORIAL: Vote ‘Yes’ on the CAPS Fee Referendum

Written by:

The Triton endorses a ‘yes’ vote on the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Fee Referendum. In this year’s ASUCSD election, the student body will be voting …...

AS Endorsements 2020: Vote Alisha Saxena For AS VP External

The Triton’s Editorial Board endorses BOLD vice president of external affairs (VPEA)...

AS Endorsements 2020: Vote Samuel J.W. Fleet For AS VP Campus Affairs

The Triton’s Editorial Board endorses Forward! vice president of campus affairs (VPCA)...

The Triton Will Not Endorse A 2020 ASUCSD Presidential Candidate

The Triton’s Editorial Board will not be endorsing a presidential candidate in the 2020...

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