Ethan Coston / The Triton
November 20, 2018 0

UC Board of Regents Creates Basic Needs Committee

The University of California Board of Regents Governance and Compensation Committee unanimously approved the ...


Photo courtesy of Flickr user SounderBruce. Link to license.
November 19, 2018 0

Life as a First-Year Commuter

It is 6:47 a.m., and I have just parked my car after a 40-minute drive. I will most likely be spending an ...

Arts and Culture

Erik Jepsen / UC San Diego Publications
November 14, 2018 0

Where Did the Big Red Chair Go?

The Big Red Chair in Revelle College, the art piece behind Galbraith Hall, has been destroyed by the Theatre ...


May 24, 2018 2

Submission: The Soul-Crushing Society that Produces Soul-Crushing Student Essays

In a New York Times opinion piece titled “The Soul-Crushing Student Essay”, Scott Korb, the director of ...

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