March 21, 2017 0

Freshman Seminars: A First Year Privilege?

Freshman year is fondly remembered by most. For the first time, you are a fully independent being, free to do ...

Arts and Entertainment

Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
March 20, 2017 0

‘Hidden Figures’ is Not a Feel Good Tale; It’s News

Price Center Theater was packed. There were people standing in the back of the theater because there were not ...

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In the Winter 2010, UCSD students affiliated with PIKE and other fraternities hosted “The Compton Cookout,” a racist party that mocked Black people. The student protest was a swift response. Photo courtesy of John Im & MG Abugan. 2010.
February 15, 2017 0

The Compton Cookout: A Day Party to be Remembered (or Not)

A Day Party to be Remembered “February marks a very important month in American society,” read the ...