#NeverAgain Movement Leader David Hogg Rejected from UCSD

David Hogg (left) at the Rally to Support Firearm Safety Legislation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Feb. 17, 2018. (Barry Stock / Creative Commons)

David Hogg, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior and a student leader of the #NeverAgain movement against gun violence, was rejected from UC San Diego on Friday.

On Friday, Hogg tweeted, “Just got rejected from another college but that’s ok we’re already changing the world. Goodnight everyone.” Hogg later confirmed that he had been denied admittance to UCSD in response to a tweet suggesting he attend a California college.

Hogg has emerged as one of the leaders of the #NeverAgain movement, appearing on news channels and using social media platforms to speak out against gun violence.

On Feb. 14, 2018, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while injuring several others. Following the shooting, the students of Parkland began the #NeverAgain movement to call for legal reform that could prevent shootings like the Parkland shooting from happening again. They also organized the National #Enough Walkout that occured last week and created the “March For Our Lives” event that will happen this Saturday, March 24.

In response to the protests, several universities issued statements saying that participating in the peaceful demonstrations would not affect a student’s chances of admission. UCSD issued a vaguely supportive statement on Twitter on February 27.

Several members of the UCSD community have shown support of Hogg despite his rejection.

The Class of 2022 was admitted on March 16. Triton Day, the admissions day for new students, will be held on April 14.

Matthew Rom-Toribio is a staff writer at The Triton.

  • Jane Doe1234

    He would have been better off flying under the radar than making a public fool of himself with his misguided crusade

    • xicano sandiego

      JaneDope1234. You just make a public fool of yourself.

    • Antonio Brent

      Are you 5? “You are!” is not an adult response…you’re either a child or a liberal that has the IQ similar to a child (tomato, tomato).

    • Harmonious Chant

      Age is irrelevant in any argument too and also not an adult response. UCSD wants to keep their fame untouched, and it has nothing to do with politics.

    • Matthew Hardy

      Or maybe, God forbid, his grades and test scores were below their standards and they didn’t like that he was hedging on his 15min of Fame to get into college.

    • Marcus

      Seriously doubt any adult knows who he is. In fact, the minute I close this page I will forget his name. Not much difference between him and the millions of FB celebrity wannabes.

  • Joe Turcotte

    • David Hogg hasn’t a clue as to how to solve this situation. He’s a teenager with a simplistic view of the problem. Go ahead, ban AR-15’s. It solves nothing. The next shooter will emulate the Virginia Tech shooter and use a pair of handguns. Most of these shooters acquire their weapons by stealing them from their parents or another family member. We need real security in our schools and to eliminate the nonsensical “GUN FREE ZONE” policies

    • Marcus

      You make it sound like your way is somehow more mature… rofl. Neither you nor Hogg belong at UCSD, a top 10 school worldwide for science and research… then again Bush went to Harvard so what does that say about the state of the universities in the USA?

    • Andonios

      He went to Yale ROLFLMAO

    • Joe Turcotte

      Well, Bush’s grades were better than Gore’s or Kerry’s from what I understand. My way isn’t just more mature, my way would actually make a difference

    • Justin Graziano

      But gun free zones are fine for CPAC, Congress and the White House. Why not schools?

    • Joe Turcotte

      They’re not protected by just signs in those places. But nice deflection

    • Justin Graziano

      True, they have trained professional security guards as well. They don’t arm janitors and other basic employees of the establishment who have no knowledge of firearms, yet thats what you guys want to do by arming teachers. Teachers specialty is TEACHING, not shooting! You want to put guards into schools? Fine, good idea actually, but it needs to be part of a broader plan that includes limiting weapons of mass destruction like AR-15’s. Even a security guard at every corner of the building is not enough to stop a weapon that can kill 50 people in 10 seconds! In a typical American high school, it would take at least 1-3 minutes to navigate from any corner to the middle, more than enough time to commit a large scale massacre with a semi-automatic or automatic weapon.

    • George Smiley

      WMD Pew Pew
      Great trolling Justin that was a hilarious read my man.

    • Randy A.

      Justin, you obviously know nothing about AR-15’s. Ben Franklin had a good saying, “Tiss better to remain silent and let people think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” There are many teachers who are ex military or LE who would be good candidates to be armed. So if you are a student in a classroom and a shooting starts would you rather your teacher be armed or just throw books at the shooter?

    • Joe Turcotte

      More idiocy. Armed security with secured entrances with metal detectors. It seems to work in courthouses and federal buildings. And no one’s asking teachers to go on a search and destroy mission to seek out a shooter. We’re suggesting we allow TRAINED VOLUNTEERS to arm themselves. In which case they would hunker down in their classrooms and protect their students. Just knowing in advance that there would be armed resistance the next shooter might think twice before mounting an assault on a school. Could you inform us what makes an AR-15 more lethal than an M1A? Or a Ruger Ranch rifle? AR-15s cannot kill 50 people in 10 seconds nimrod. there are no 50 round magazines and you can’t pull the trigger 50 times in 10 seconds and hit anything. Let me remind you that the Virginia Tech shooter shot 49 people, killing 32 with a measly Walther P22 and a Glock 19. Only a complete fool would insist they’d rather be unarmed if they found themself in an active shooter situation. So Justin IS a fool

    • Joe Turcotte

      They have trained ARMED security guards with metal detectors. And who ever suggested they arm untrained people? Only you. So your position is, if you found yourself in an active shooting situation and the shooter was heading towards you, you’d rather be unarmed? Have I got that right? Heroic teachers and administrators have died saving lives. Don’t those heroes deserve the chance to protect themselves and their students?

    • Nicholas Willden

      Cant take you seriously when you think an AR-15 can kill 50 people in 10 seconds.

    • Dan MacRae

      Lots of ex-military are now teachers.

    • David

      Justin You really need to stop believing what you are told on MSM, and educate yourself on ballistics . I saw an article the AR15 was created for Vietnam War to take off heads and appendages. First it was the M16, big difference. Second the projectile that the ar and m16 use are the same .223. Which is small and designed to injure not kill. The larger round .308 or the 50 cal.

    • BRM_EAS

      That’s a GENIUS idea! (Hmmm…but how do we get the criminals and insane people to actually heed them…there’s the tricky part. I mean, isn’t hurting or killing kids already in the books as illegal?)

      Anyway…keep brainstorming. I like the way you think. If something doesn’t work…do it MORE! (Have you considered public office?)

    • Dan MacRae

      So, there are no guns in the White House or Congress? Really?

    • Leon Burke

      He is a crisis actor, and a scumbag in training.

    • David

      He was in drama club Dad FBI Mom CNN go figure

    • davey08

      He and his mom toured CNN headquarters 2 yrs ago. You can take pictures with a prop news desk. She’s a teacher. Try Google and skip Breitbart for a while.

    • David

      I will double check that.Thank you for correcting me if true. Now CNN is known for many false allegations. So they like CNN. Which now has me questioning their motives. David needs to stick with the tide pod challenge. The NRA was created to arm black people from the KKK. Which not only would I arm them, I would stand and fight with them. The KKK are a bunch of goons that the democrats created similar to antifa. Now I will support their First Amendment but I promise you they will not take any of my rights or any others who are legal lawful gun owners

    • davey08

      Check again. Even the NRA says the organization wasn’t founded to protect blacks from the KKK. It was originally formed to improve marksmanship after it was discovered that the Union Army had very little experience aiming or firing guns. It’s first president was a former Union general. Again, Google could be some help to you.

    • David

      It has been ever thus since the founding of our Association in 1871 by former Union officers—men who were deeply committed to ending the vestiges of slavery and to seeking equal rights for all. From NRA Web page. Google, You Tube are anti second amendment. Tap water is turning the freaking frogs gay

    • davey08

      Thank God the gay frog conspiracy has finally been exposed, but you have to start much earlier, when they’re young impressionable tadpoles. That’s a slippery slope that would soon lead to larger amphibians being entrapped in that lifestyle. I’ve heard that gay reptiles have chosen Justin Beiber as their leader. He has even shape-shifted into a reptile with “big scaly claws” and a “black stipe down it’s middle” during a concert recently. Notice the quotation marks, which mean it must be true. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my George Soros funded, antifa meeting. We have credible evidence that Ann Coulter is actually a 150 yr old Hungarian Countess who stays youthful by eating the flesh of young children (and their puppies).

    • David

      §246. Militia: composition and classes
      (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

      (b) The classes of the militia are—

      (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and

      (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

      (Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 14, §311; Pub. L. 85–861, §1(7), Sept. 2, 1958, 72 Stat. 1439; Pub. L. 103–160, div. A, title V, §524(a), Nov. 30, 1993, 107 Stat. 1656; renumbered §246, Pub. L. 114–328, div. A, title XII, §1241(a)(2), Dec. 23, 2016, 130 Stat. 2497.)

    • davey08

      You’ve got a doctorate in scumbag.

    • Jon Krueger

      Thanks for convincing me that UCSD has little to offer

    • pastol

      And Mr. Turcotte, what have YOU done to solve this situation?

    • Joe Turcotte

      I’d have the same security in our schools that we have in our courthouses. Armed security and metal detectors. I’d allow qualified teacher to carry a firearm. I’s institute a program of inclusiveness and do whatever I could to stop social media bullying. Anything else you want to know? Banning one type of firearm is meaningless. Raising the age to buy a rifle is meaningless. Most shooters steal or buy their firearms illegally

    • Marcus

      None of your solution would help in the least. You are just echoing conservative media and the funny part is you already mention why your way wont work in your own argument. All your policies would do is make the gunners adapt and become even more extreme as they have done in other countries with conservative policies. This is the most basic of human behaviors. Since you are a conservative maybe you will understand silly mimes instead… “the harder you squeeze the faster something slips away etc.”

      They will just start using poisons, more bombs and long range tactics.

  • Marcus

    Seriously doubt that any adults had even heard of him. The odds that the folks reviewing his application knew about his activities are practically zero. If he didnt get in then there are other ways. Anyone with half a brain knows that the best path is to go to a community college for 2 years (save about $15k on tuition alone), then transfer to UCSD for the last 2. This is doubly true if you are taking a useless major like poli-sci. Odds are you wont get a meaningful job when you’re done (and possibly ever) anyway so saving $15k is a big deal.

  • Christopher Richey

    His career as a politician (political reality star) is set in granite…screw college…they will give him an honorary and a nice no-one-will-ever-sort-out-where-the-money-came-from salary for having the best James Dean meets Clint Eastwood face DCWood has ever come across!

  • bob21112

    Aimless ambition. Still thinking he can change the world, one Tide pod at a time. If the punk had a reasonable resolution, he might actually accomplish something productive. Talking gibberish every chance he can is only digging his grave deeper.

  • boboadobo

    self absorbed spoiled brat. would show up to the school like a diva…and demand his 15 minutes of fame be extended for all 4 years of college.

  • Andonios

    I am somewhat surprised they didn’t just let him in….he is THE Hogg.

    I am kidding, I’m not surprised….the “Gun Control” kids lack the wisdom to understand these school shootings (mass shootings in general) are a symptom of an underlying deficiency in society. Rifles/shotguns, including semi-autos, used to be a main stay on high school grounds for decades, yet they rarely resulted in a mass shooting. Anyone bother to ask why?

    • Matthew Hardy

      Yes, my dad has a picture of him and his wrestling coach/history teacher in his pickup bed, with a shotgun and an M14 style rifle on the rack right behind them. In their school parking lot. CNN never bothers to ask what changed and could we try to address that?

      (For those who are unaware, the M14 style rifle is a civilian version of a US military service rifle from Korea through the present day. It’s not black and scary like an AR15, but it uses a more powerful cartridge (bullet) and frequently has 10-30 round magazines (clips;) )

  • Spasmolytic

    Don’t worry David, the world needs ditch diggers.

  • YesGrrrl

    Wow, so many angry and frustrated male trolls found this page! Can’t wait for Hogg and his generation to rise up and take charge. The hyper-aggro antiquated cowboys will fade into the sunset and we’ll look back and laugh (or cry) at their sorry last gasps for power and relevance.

    • Joe Turcotte

      This generation caused the problem. I’ve never seen so many instances of bullying as I do today. Kids are killing themselves after years of social media harassment. Is it any wonder some of them decide to take a few of their classmates with them?

    • Marcus

      You are wrong. Its not even funny how wrong you are. Bulling was 10x worse 20 years ago and 10x worse that 20 years before that. The only difference is you cant get away with it so easily any more so it gets reported more often. Have you seen movies or read books depicting life in the past? There is a reason why crime is down across the board. You think these shootings are bad now? Guess what, they are waaaaaay down compared to the past if you account for population change. The boomer generation was especially horrible.

    • Bobbie Payton Pitman

      We also had rifle teams, Marcus, which meant guns in school! Kids didn’t go around shooting those who bullied them, because I agree that bullies have been around forever. So, what happened with this generation of children? My former high school no longer has a rifle team; I doubt any school does. We had bullies. I met some of them daily. So did many other kids. No one shot anyone, because of it. Same high school, fast forward to 2014. A student randomly stabbed 21 people. My childhood friend’s granddaughter was almost a victim, but a boy jumped in front of her.

  • DeeJay Gude

    He should work on his grades instead of being a media celebrity activist. I don’t believe for one minute that UC-anywhere rejected him because of his activism.

    • James Montague

      He has a 4.2 grade point average and a 1270 SAT score! If he had a 2.5 G.P.A., THEN he would need to ” work on his grades ” !! When I was his age ( I’m 46 ), those credentials went a long way. Sadly, too many of today’s young people are wearing themselves out for a culture that has a ” perfect isn’t good enough ” or ” perfect isn’t worth a darn ” mindset!!

    • peter ahle

      How do you know he has a 4.2 average? He would have gotten into that college.

  • jaeger8383

    Jesus, it’s UC San Diego, not Berkeley, my Rottweiler could could get into there. Maybe the rumors that he has a 0.9 GPA are true.

    • Marcus

      UCSD is ranked higher worldwide for sciences bud. Its regularly a top 10 in STEM & Medicine rankings. Berkeley is better known for computer science. But in terms of living and area, UCSD is the best of the UC’s. Living in Berkeley is terrible (my sister went there). Overpriced old broken down building that can barely fit a male from the 21st century… run down downtown area full of homeless begging broke students for money. UCSD also gets more applicants than Berkeley and is only topped by UCLA.

  • Joe Turcotte

    Hogg is making the most of the suffering of his classmates. He’s a self promoter. He claims that he wants to be a journalist one day. His mother works for CNN so his liberal views have been passed down to him. Banning one style of firearm will accomplish nothing. There are millions of AR-15’s in circulation and even in Massachusetts which has banned them, I can still buy one from a private seller. A pair of revolvers would suffice if you’re mounting an assault on a “gun free zone”

  • Joe Turcotte

    THese kids should put their efforts into instituting a program of inclusiveness. With rare exception these shooters were bullied, harassed or ostracized by their peers. Social media has only exacerbated the problem in recent years. A 12 year old girl recently killed herself in Florida after incessant bullying. Schools should be FORCED to report violent acts perpetrated by a student and they should allow law enforcement make the call regarding criminal charges. Had Nikolas Cruz been arrested for a prior assault in school he could not have gotten access to a firearm.

  • Mike Garcia

    Every chit these days has to have their moment in the sun. Hoggwash (he really should have considered a name change before becoming a mass poster) will fade into obscurity in a week or two. And nothing will have been accomplished either way.

  • Brian Brady

    Shouldn’t academic achievement rather than politcal activism be the litmus test for admittance to a top university?

  • rich7676

    Putting out his rejection to universities on Twitter and naming the schools that are not interested in him as a student? This guy is fishing for sympathy. Histrionic or crisis actor? Yup.

  • Dan Kemp

    Maybe he just has bad grades and a low SAT? Plus he’s a white male, so no affirmative action points to get in as an out of state student.

  • David

    David Hogg go eat some more Tide Pods. You will never abolish the second amendment. You call Alex Jones names. I have researched Jones claims. Hey Hogg the scientist went to UC Berkeley did the study. It is atrazine from fertilizer run off in the water turning male frogs into females. Go do the research instead of trying to violate my bill of rights you looser

  • Press3

    David Hogg (aka Eddie Haskell, Jr.)… no college wants a trouble maker with schitt for brains.

  • Dan MacRae

    Considering most people are laughing at this pathetic, left-wing puppet, I am not surprised the schools are also. The only thing this skinny, little metro-sexual is fighting for is turning his 15 minutes of CNN fame into a career.

  • justmealso

    One news announcer said that David Hogg is spending more time speaking than in school studying.

  • joe100

    This kid is NOTHING but a LITTLE B*TCH for the DEMONRATS. He is a PUPPET for them. He has NO CLUE what the REALITIES OF LIFE ARE. He is CLUELESS IDIOT. And being a FOUL MOUTH LITTLE SNOT NOSED BRAT will get him NOWHERE. He can’t even get into college with it. JOB WELL DONE.

  • C. S.

    Where has prohibition worked?
    Sounds like just another financial revenue for the cartels being created with any ban.

    Boss Hogg just wants to get into politics. He is smart enough to take up this money making opportunity. If he gave his income from donations away, I would have to say he is genuine is his actions. But his words in the interview speak volumes of him getting into activism/politics. He has a big career ahead of him. Political Science is a oxymoronic subject. He would be better off studying law to make change. Political Science does not have a thorough education to develop an understanding of government. 2 of the 3 branches in the US government deal with law: legislative and judicial. Without a law degree, he will only be an activist or community organizer. He would have limited power without the law degree.

  • To quote Lawrence Turead: “SHOULDA STAYED IN SCHOOL!”

  • redsoxrule

    He must be pretty dumb to get rejected from UCSD.