No Cardi B Concert for Socially Dead University

Jorda-Frantzis / Atlantic Records

Despite UCSD singles’ best efforts, UC San Diego will not be hosting a Cardi B concert in late April, having been out-swiped in Tinder’s #SwipeOff challenge by Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

The challenge began on March 27. It was announced on April 9 that UCSD had made it through four rounds to make the top eight.

“The winner is getting the concert with me, ” Cardi B said in Tinder’s finalist announcement while eating an unidentified item of takeout food. “Muahahaha.”

The high temperature in Boston or wherever University of Massachusetts-Amherst is will be 35°F this Sunday, so the winning school will be sure to enjoy their concert.

Rohan Grover is an Assistant News Editor for The Triton. You can find him on Twitter @rohangro.