AS Defunds Media Organisations on Campus

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In a memorandum released by Associated Students and the Office of Student Affairs, Associated Students has announced that the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs will provide funding to academic publications.

The memorandum does not provide criteria for what is considered an “academic publication,” and goes into no detail about the application process required to receive funding. Gary Ratcliff, the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life, is listed as a contact.

This announcement comes in light of AS’s recent decision to cut funding to all campus media publications. Although this means that various student-run scientific publications (such as the Saltman Quarterly) will likely be covered, it is unclear whether media organizations such as The Muir Quarterly, The Fashion Quarterly, and The Koala are considered “academic publications.” The Koala, in particular, is unlikely to receive this new source of funds, considering the publication’s role in AS’s reasoning to defund media organizations.

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