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Hey Tritons.

Yesterday I spent 15 minutes waiting in life for my coffee and gee was I upset. What’s the deal with coffee? The line’s always too long and… there’s only one register and… You have the one guy by the register and one by the espresso machine, but what are those other three bozos doing in the back? Is there some sort of coffee party I wasn’t invited to? Is that where get the coffee, are we all paying for this? I paid for a cup!

Wait, you know what?

That’s not news.

You know what is news? Well, as a paper, hopefully we’re going to be gauging what you might think is newsworthy.

The Triton is an upcoming student-run campus publication with the goal to produce top-quality digital content for UCSD students, alumni, and staff: which means publishing editorial pieces on relevant issues, taking a stand for progressive change on our campus, and actively taking a stake in our campuses future.

We believe that campus culture is something that a lot of students gripe about, but have no idea how to fix. Apathy is the all consuming monster on a college campus and if we as a paper were to offer a holistic cure, our best opinion would be open dialogue. We want to provide students with that forum for that dialogue and we hope we can be an outlet for discussion, as well as creative expression and poignancy along the way.

We’re excited to talk to you about what you care about on campus. And while school spirit might not be always at an all time high, perhaps we should get in the habit of saying “Go Tritons!” a little bit more.

Or something like that.

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