4 Tips to Help Get Through Finals Week

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Really? I could have sworn the winter break was just a few weeks ago.

It sneaks up every quarter and I never quite see it coming, but there’s no escaping it: finals week is almost upon us.

Ready or not, the most dreaded week of the quarter is quickly approaching and the time has come for baggy eyes, cup noodle, and the return of #teamnosleep. So, with all of the endless studying that is bound to be crashing down around us, here are just a few tips to keep you healthy and sane this finals week.

Start Early
Do not wait until the night before! I know it is tempting and I am at fault for doing this too, but just do not do it. The importance of sleep is something we are taught at a very early age (remember “eight to nine, feelin’ fine?”), but by the time that college hits we assume that we can “handle it” and think “what’s the worst that can happen.” The obvious answer is that, according to science, our bodies “can’t handle it.”

Lack of sleep impedes working memory, decrease concentration, and elevates stress. It’s not always possible, but if you can help it do not wait until the night before to begin cramming. Discipline yourself to start studying early so that you can get a good night’s rest before your exam.

Make Your Health a Priority
Get sleep. Eat healthy. Exercise. You have heard all of these things before, but they really do work! When we do not take care of our bodies, they do not tend to function as well, and given the added stress of finals it is important to keep our body in check. Keep up your good habits (or get rid of the bad ones). Whether it is eating a healthy breakfast or doing a few push ups, make sure to stay healthy.

Prepare Yourself Mentally
Personally, the hardest part of studying is the fact that every other part of life seems to fall to the wayside. Hobbies and socializing take a back seat to studying and it can get overwhelming. In order not to overwork yourself, set aside some time to rest and recuperate. Whether it’s prayer, meditation, running, or a quick game of Super Smash Bros. Melee, be intentional in taking breaks that will help keep you focused throughout the day.

Remove Your Distractions
A lot of you will say, “There just isn’t enjoy time in the day to go for a 5k run, eat an acai bowl, and cleanse my mind of all its impurities in addition to studying. It just doesn’t fit.” And, for some students, this is absolutely true, but it’s also important to pause and make sure that we’re utilizing our time properly. Check your social media usage or time spent watching TV and make sure that any complaints about “not having enough hours in the day” are legitimate. You might even consider downloading self control software for your computer, forcing you to stay focused on your studies.

There are just a few tidbits that have helped get me through finals. With all that said, finals week is just a single week. Give it the effort and hard work that it deserves, but it doesn’t define the rest of your life.

Do your diligence and give it your all! It’s the finals countdown…

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