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Students Determined is a coalition of progressive students from various backgrounds and communities that believe each and every single student has the potential to make transformative change happen on the UC San Diego campus and beyond. SD began as an idea, and soon developed into something much greater.

Students Determined is comprised of leaders who have already been working to achieve the initiatives their platforms are built on. From SPACES, the Sustainability Resource Center, the Triton Food Pantry, Associated Students, Greek Life, OASIS, the G Store, Student Health Advocates, SAAC, and UCSD Athletics our candidates have experience in institutions on campus. We believe that short and long term tangible goals will lead to a better campus climate. When we began working with one another we focused on large campus issues and narrowed our scope to the steps necessary to make these changes possible.

As a slate, we do not just hold the ideas and the vision (anyone can do that), we have the know­how, skill­set, expertise, and relationships, which have been built and developed for years. This past year, a Students Determined majority council has accomplished great things at all levels, from addressing sexual assault on our campus and at a systemwide level, revamping Triton traditions, advocating for a better campus climate, and helping students find financial stability, we are proud of the work that already has been accomplished, now aim to continue such work.

Students Determined envisions a university in which all students are included, feel safe, and have the means to sustain themselves, thus improving upon the quality of standard of living for students. We hope to do so by advocating for subsidized off-campus housing, addressing food insecurity, improving our parking and transportation services by negotiating more S-­Spots on the main campus, as well as many other issues. As a slate, what sets us apart is our passion, determination, and knowledge of the issues, as well as how the institution operates, giving us an advantage to tangibly address the issues on our campus.

Students have an important choice to make this coming week on who their next  AS leadership will be, it is an important decision because too much is at stake to leave it in the hands of student leaders that do not have the vision or experience to get the work done. Students need to vote for a slate that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Indisputably, that is Students Determined.

Students Determined is more than a slate, it’s a family. In the months spent preparing for the elections we have developed personal relationships with one another that drive us to keep moving in the exhaustion of the elections. We all trust each other to the greatest extent and have learned to lean on each other through the trials and tribulations of the election. I genuinely believe our incredible relationships with one another shape the way voters interact with us and the reception we’ve gotten on campus has been incredible.

As elections begin, we hope that we can count on everyone’s vote. Regardless of results, we cannot wait to continue the work we have already started, because we’re determined to better serve YOU!

Stay determined, #VoteSD on Tritonlink 4/4­/2016 – 4/8/2016.

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