Golden State Warriors Visit RIMAC Arena For Preseason Training


Klay Thompson, Warriors starting shooting guard, is looking forward to a strong season. (Shine Cho/The Triton)

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Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors returned to UCSD’s RIMAC arena for preseason practice for the second year in a row. The Warriors arrived in San Diego on Sunday, October 16, and have been preparing for their second preseason game against the Los Angeles Lakers this Wednesday.

The Warriors’ training immediately followed their 112-107 victory against the Lakers in Las Vegas last Saturday. The Western Conference champions defended a strong lead in the second half, with Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Curry standing out as key players.

The Golden State training session closed at 12 noon today with 20 minutes open for media interviews and photos in RIMAC.

Shaun Livingston, a member of the 2015 Warriors squad which lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, attributed Cleveland’s success to their jump shots and talked about the increasing popularity of the Warriors.

Thompson, the team’s starting shooting guard, is looking forward to a strong season with Durant joining the Warriors from Oklahoma City Thunder.

“KD is great at trailing for three, so is Steph. He’s the best at the game,” the 6’7’’ player said.


After the press round-up, the players headed out of the arena to their bus, where they were greeted by cheering UCSD students.

“I’m a huge fan of the Dubs,” said Ryan Marquez, a Sixth College junior in the crowd. “I actually wore [my Warriors shirt] to sleep last night. My friend over here told me the Dubs were here so I ran to RIMAC.”

For other students who grew up in the Bay Area, like Sahil Gupta, a Warren College second year student, the Warriors’ brief visit is a reminder of home.

“I’ve been a Warriors fan since I was born. Because I grew up in Fremont, I had season passes when I was young and went to the games as a kid,” Gupta said. “I’m super excited that they’re here.”

The Warriors and Lakers will face off at the Valley View Casino in San Diego tomorrow, October 19, at 7 p.m.

Shine Cho is the Assistant News Editor at The Triton. 

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