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Amazon@UCSanDiego, a new Amazon package center, opened inside the UCSD Bookstore on November 2. Unlike all of the lockers and parcel centers scattered throughout campus, the center offers advantages such as free returns on orders and same-day shipping on select items for Prime members.

The packages at this location are actively fulfilled by the center. When the package arrives, one must first check their Amazon account for the pickup code to use at one of the lockers inside the center. An individual then can opt for email or text message notification that will include a button to generate a barcode. However, the code will only last for 15 minutes until a new code will have to be generated by clicking a button in the order email again. If the individual doesn’t have access to their phone, the individual can use the kiosk machine in the center to get the package.

Parents and non-students can also send packages to this location for the recipient to pick up as stated in the Amazon@UCSanDiego. To do so, they can forward the email with the button to generate the barcode to them. Packages can also be picked up by a friend or someone else if they also have the email with the code.

The advantage of using this location over other delivery locations is that the center will hold packages for up to 15 days. Also, there are also free Amazon returns at the center. Students can use the kiosk inside the center to print shipping labels and use the boxes and tools available inside the center to prepare their outgoing packages for free.

Those who have Amazon Prime will have the benefit of same-day shipping on various items from the Amazon website if they use this location to pick up their package. If an item is eligible for same-day shipping and is ordered before noon, the item will arrive on the same day. If the item was ordered after noon, the item will arrive the next day. The hours for the center are:

Monday – Friday 9 am-9pm
Saturday – Sunday 12 pm-9pm

More information on the center can be found on the Amazon@UCSanDiego website.

Natalie Lam is a staff writer at The Triton.

An earlier version of this article listed “Amazon@UC: San Diego” as “Amazon@UCSD”.

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