Student Body Upset by Medium Sized Puddle

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Following Monday afternoon’s slight drizzle, students discovered a medium-sized puddle in the middle of Library Walk, which was described by some Southern California natives as “a lake, man.”

The rain conditions proved to be a significant issue for many attempting to navigate campus. Unsure of how to maneuver around the puddle, students and faculty were forced to simply walk through the water. Tens of students have reported “slipping” mid-puddle and an unreported number of pant legs were moistened.

Most tragically, hundreds of flip-flops were damaged in Monday’s “storm.” Many were displeased they would have to “break in new Rainbows” in preparation for the approaching summer months.

“I saw the puddle and went right back into the library. It’s bad enough that I had to leave my home when it was 62 degrees outside, but I’m not going to trudge through a puddle that almost covers the soles of my shoes!” said Diana Hornblower, a San Diego native who is now residing in Geisel.

Due to this unprecedented weather pattern, The Triton is urging all students, faculty, and staff to stay safe outside and to consider skipping all classes if the rain begins again.

Sarah Howell is a staff writer for The Triton.

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