Four Fairbanks Coffee Carts Set on Fire, Possible Arson


Fairbanks Coffee Cart in Warren College. (Shine Cho / The Triton)

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Campus police officers arrived at the Social Sciences Building (SSB) to find the coffee cart actively burning late Sunday evening. Within forty minutes, three more carts were reported to be on fire. The campus police department received a tip about the fire at SSB at 11:41 p.m, according to an email sent out to all UCSD faculty, staff, and students.

Police and fire crews initially responded to burning carts at SSB, then received news of ones at Center Hall, Warren Mall, and Revelle Plaza.

The investigation is ongoing and there is currently no suspect information. Authorities are investigating the possibility of a timed device being used to start the fires, according to ABC 10.

No injuries were reported.

Those who may have helpful information are encouraged to contact the UC San Diego Police Department at (858) 534-4357 or

Shine Cho is the News Editor of The Triton.