AS Endorsements: Matthew Arrollado for Vice President Campus Affairs


Matthew Alan Arrollado. Photo courtesy of THRIVE.

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The only executive running unopposed, Matthew Arrollado convinced this Editorial Board that he has a thorough understanding of the position of Vice President of Campus Affairs.

Arrollado’s current position as the Senator of Eleanor Roosevelt College has given him a solid base of knowledge about working in student government, and his experience communicating with students is apparent from his position as Director of Publicity for Student Council of ERC (SCERC). We are confident that based on the concrete suggestions for improving transparency within AS, he will be effective in his role as Vice President of Campus Affairs. We are very much interested in his plans to create a press secretary position and organize events for students to get to know AS members, similar to Know Your Council weeks that he has participated in with SCERC.

With a platform that addresses transfer students and commuters alike, Arrollado also proves a desire to advocate for groups on campus he does not personally identify with, which is crucial to a successful student government. Arrollado also brings a measure of playfulness, and social media savviness, which is useful for a position which encompasses communicating with the student body and boosting school spirit. We expect that Arrollado will continue to step out of his comfort zone in working with any elected members of that are not on the THRIVE slate, whether they be Students Determined or independent.

Vote Matthew Arrollado for Vice President Campus Affairs.

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