Biochemistry/Cell Biology Major and Molecular Biology Majors Combined Starting Fall 2018


Connor Gorry / The Triton

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UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences is combining the Biochemistry/Cell Biology major and Molecular Biology major to form a new major, Molecular and Cell Biology, for students admitted after Fall 2018.

The Biology Education Committee, comprised of faculty members and the Associate Dean of Education, decided to consolidate these two majors because of the similar requirements, according to Laurie Smith, Director of Undergraduate Education in the Division of Biological Sciences. The Academic Senate approved the change in Spring 2017.

Currently, the Biochemistry and Cell Biology and Molecular Biology majors have similar requirements, such as identical lower-division coursework and overlapping upper-division courses and electives. The new major contains coursework requirements from both majors.

The new Molecular and Cell Biology major further separates the current Biochemistry and Cell Biology major from the Biochemistry/Chemistry major, which involves more biochemistry than the former. “We think it makes sense for Chem/Biochem to own the only major on campus retaining the word ‘biochemistry’ in its name, and to steer students who want to focus on biochemistry toward this major,” Smith said in an email.

This change only applies to students enrolling in the university beginning Fall 2018.

Cynthia Leung is a staff writer at The Triton.