ERC Senator Alex Nguyen Resigns

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Eleanor Roosevelt College (ERC) Senator Alex Nguyen announced his resignation as a representative of Associated Students of UCSD (ASUCSD) Sunday, January 28.

Nguyen plans to terminate his official involvement within Associated Students as well as other student government obligations, which includes any of the Student Councils, elected or otherwise.

“I apologize for this sudden unfortunate news, but believe that the sooner that we are able to undergo the process of finding a suitable replacement, the sooner that the ERC council and my constituency can have sufficient representation once more,” Nguyen wrote in his notice of resignation on Jan. 28.

Nguyen is resigning in order to prioritize his studies and devote more time into his internship and work, citing professional and filial commitments.

“I would like to apologize to my constituents, and to anyone who may not be in Associated Students reading this, for being unable to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to me by the student body,” he said.

Each of the six colleges have two designated ASUCSD senators responsible for creating policies and leading programs. The College Senators’ main responsibilities include advocating for the needs of the student bodies of their respective colleges and acting as a liaison between ASUCSD and their college councils.

This is the fourth resignation of the quarter and the sixth resignation this year within ASUCSD. Among those resignations are Off Campus Senator Leony Mijares and Vice President of Campus Affairs Matthew Arrollado. As for finding yet another replacement, Student Council of ERC President Christian Lum said they plan to appoint a new senator within the next two weeks.

“Being that the position requires someone to hit the ground running due to the timing of this vacancy, we are looking for someone that has experience working with student government entities and especially AS,” Lum said.

Kathleen Lee is a staff writer at The Triton.