Canyon Vista Dining Hall Slated for Remodel


Photo courtesy of The Triton.

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UC San Diego is searching for an architect to remodel the aging Canyon Vista dining hall.

Canyon Vista, the only dining facility in Warren College, was constructed in 1993 along with the nearby residential halls and graduate apartments. It currently serves traditional dining hall fare like burgers, pizza, and pasta, as well as more unique options like tacos and sushi.

The Housing Dining Hospitality (HDH) restaurant recently came under fire for serving undercooked food, and it consistently receives mediocre reviews relative to other campus facilities. Last week, Resource Management and Planning put out a request for qualified architects to submit their proposals for the renovation.

The $8.5 million to $10 million remodel aims to increase Canyon Vista’s capacity and efficiency, and it will include aesthetic, kitchen, and safety improvements. The scope of the development includes Earl’s Place and Market, the coffee shop and market attached to the dining hall. It is not clear whether the renovation will affect other parts of the HDH-administered complex, like the JK Wood study lounge or Warren Residential Life Offices.

HDH recently completed four focus group sessions with Warren residents to gather feedback on several design concepts and menu ideas. More information is expected to be released this fall.

Major changes to the surrounding neighborhood are expected as well—the clientele for Canyon Vista may shift away from mostly undergraduates to include more postgraduates and researchers. In April, campus planners discussing the future Franklin Antonio Hall noted that designs should connect it to the renovated dining hall.

The most recently renovated dining facility, OceanView in Marshall College, reopened after two years to generally positive feedback. Currently, there are no updates on how long Canyon Vista and Earl’s Market will be closed during the renovations.

Rohan Grover is an Assistant News Editor for The Triton.