Muir Parking Lot Closes for North Torrey Pines Living Learning Center Construction


Image courtesy of Laura Margoni.

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Muir College Parking Lot (P207 and P208) will be closed today so construction can begin on the North Torrey Pines Living Learning Neighborhood (NTPLLN).

The complex will be completed in Fall 2020 and will become the new home for Sixth College. It will also add 2,000 beds and 1,200 underground parking spaces.

“The North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood is a fundamental component in the transformation of the UC San Diego campus into a ‘live, learn, play’ community,” said Chancellor Pradeep Khosla. “It’s an extraordinary venture that will enhance our students’ experience, providing them with a truly dynamic environment in which they can thrive.”

Image courtesy of Laura Margoni.

Image courtesy of Laura Margoni.

The complex will also house academic buildings for the Social Sciences and the Arts and Humanities departments. Inside these buildings, there will be general classrooms and active learning classrooms: student-centered, technology-filled spaces designed for student interaction.

When Muir Parking Lot closed, UCSD students lost 970 parking spaces. However, Transportation Services Director Josh Kavanaugh said at the Transportation Town Hall earlier this quarter that students will have a net increase in spots when Osler Parking Structure opens in the fall. The parking lot will add 1,350 parking spots, but it is unclear how many of those will be for students. In addition, 100 new spots recently opened at the Gliderport and 1,200 underground spots will be added when NTPLLN opens.

Image courtesy of Josh Kavanaugh.

Image courtesy of Josh Kavanaugh.

“Our campus buses will play a significant role in NTPLLN transportation management, including the updates to the West Campus Connector [pink route above] and North Campus Shuttle,” Kavanaugh said. “Both of these changes will help folks at Marshall/Extension manage the change and improve connectivity with the Gliderport. We’ve already moved to create shuttle connections to Mandeville Loop that will help folks in Muir with access.”

Transportation Services has several other plans in motion to make parking easier, like the creation of resident permits, premium two-person carpool permits, changes to the reserved parking system, and the rebalance of the number of A, B, S, and V spaces around campus.

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This article was updated June 18 at 3:00 p.m. A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Sixth College would be relocated because of trolley construction.