UCSD Graduate Student Hayley Weddle Nominated for 45th UC Student Regent

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Photo taken by John Weng and provided by Hayley Weddle.

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UC San Diego graduate student Hayley Weddle was nominated for UC Student Regent for the 2019–20 school year, pending approval by the full Board of Regents in July.

The UC Office of the President announced Weddle’s nomination this Monday. If approved, Weddle will serve as Student Regent-designate, a non-voting member, for the upcoming school year. As Student Regent-designate, she will be allowed to participate in Board meetings, but will not be allowed to vote until her term as Student Regent begins in July 2019.

Weddle is a graduate student pursuing a doctorate degree in Education Studies and expects to graduate in 2021. She currently serves as Chief of Staff for the UCSD Graduate Student Association, co-chair of the UCSD Basic Needs Committee, and UCSD graduate student representative to the UC systemwide Title IX Advisory Board.

“My interest in the Student Regent role stems from my deep commitment to ensuring the university promotes access, retention, and success for all students,” Weddle told The Triton. “It is important to me that all students across the state are provided the opportunity not only to attend UC [schools], but also to be successful during their time here.”

Weddle’s background has shaped her Student Regent priorities, which include basic needs security and prevention of sexual harassment. Her role as student representative to the Title IX Advisory Board focuses on trauma-informed approaches to sexual assault investigations. As a former advisor to Associated Students of UCSD and a current graduate student, she is involved with initiatives addressing both food and housing insecurity. She plans to create solutions for these issues that move from emergency relief to long-term prevention and to continue to be a strong advocate for practices sensitive to student needs.

“It is critical that the Student Regent develop strong relationships across the Board, and provide perspective that is reflective of students across the system,” Weddle said. “As Student Regent, I am committed to ensuring that decisions of the university are informed by students’ experiences.”

If approved, Weddle will be the first Student Regent from UCSD since 1982.

Ethan Coston is an Assistant News Editor for The Triton. You can follow him @Ethan4Books