HDH to Introduce 21 “Decompress Spaces” Around Campus


Chris Peng / The Triton

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As part of Housing Dining Hospitality’s (HDH) proposed renovation plans, a $2-million construction project for 21 new outdoor “Decompress Spaces” is projected to be completed within the next three years.

In an effort to increase student mobility, HDH plans to “activate” and “revitalize” open campus spaces that have the potential to become useable outdoor areas.

According to the HDH forum two weeks ago, these renovations are meant to “enhance the space and provide greater utility and privacy.” The project will also involve adding tables, seating, shaded areas, fire pits, and coffee kiosks to each of these spaces.

These spaces are part of a larger effort to meet UC San Diego’s increasing enrollment numbers. Demands for on-campus housing have increased because of exponential student population growth. As a result, HDH is aiming to meet these student needs by providing additional spaces for students to relax and thrive while attending UCSD.

“We are working with each Provost to activate 21 outdoor relaxation and social spaces at residential colleges to improve comfort, interest and experience,” Jhaveri told The Triton. “Students should expect to see more soft and comfortable seating, moveable tables and chairs, shade structures to improve comfort, and landscape enhancements.”

Renovations of Marshall College’s Fireside Lounge, Muir College’s Tamarack Courtyard, and Warren College’s Court Room and Black Hall will be completed in the 2018–19 school year. All 21 designated projects will be completed by the 2020–21 school year.

Sophia Mai Larsson is a Contributing Writer for The Triton.