UCSD to Implement New Degree Audit System


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A new degree audit system called uAchieve will be available to UC San Diego students starting January 2019.

According to Marshall College Dean of Academic Advising Clare Harrington, “the goal of this new platform for degree audits is to offer students a more robust and intuitive application [of the system].”

In November 2018, an email was sent out to Marshall College students alerting them that the beta launch of the new system would be on November 19. Marshall College students were exclusively selected to test out the beta version of uAchieve before the campus-wide student release in Winter Quarter 2019.

Because UCSD’s old degree audit system faced complaints in the past, the uAchieve system aims to create a better functioning system for students.

uAchieve functions as an interactive audit with drop-down lists subdividing individual categories of university and college requirements. The system allows students to update their courses at any time.

Since the beta launch of uAchieve, many Marshall College students have voiced complaints regarding the design and user interface for the new degree audit system.

“The new degree audit system is poorly designed and makes it harder for me to determine my courses,” said Camille Townson, a second-year Cognitive Science student specializing in Human-Computer Interaction and Design.

According to Harrington, “uAchieve offers real-time results, the opportunity to update an audit at any time, and the promise of greater functionality as new tools are made available to students.”

After uAchieve is launched this month, UCSD students will no longer be able to access the old degree audit tool on their TritonLink accounts.

If you have any questions or inquiries, contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@ucsd.edu.

Clare Harrington did not respond to any further questions regarding uAchieve.

Orianna Borrelli is an Assistant News Editor  for The Triton. You can follow her on Twitter at @orianna_b.