TV Girl, Crumb Concerts Moved Off Campus Due to Overwhelming Demand

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Victoria Macias / The Triton

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Soda Bar announced that it is moving TV Girl as well as Crumb’s upcoming concerts from the Ché Café to The Irenic because of overwhelming demand.

Based on information provided by the bands, the shows’ venue was changed due to underestimation of band popularity. Both performances at the Ché sold out quickly. Moving from the Ché to The Irenic increased show capacity by 230 people.

Ché Café member Brandon Oleksy expressed disappointment when Soda Bar notified him that the Ché would not be hosting the show, as holding concerts helps provide finances that maintain the space.

“The Ché was never involved in the decision to change venues. Soda Bar essentially books the shows and the only thing they need from the Ché is a person to open and run the venue,” Oleksy said.

Students were also unhappy with the last-minute venue changes, citing transportation issues.

Jennifer Sun, a third year who bought tickets for both shows, said: “My mindset would have been different if [the shows] were at The Irenic from the start. Travel is an added stressor…going to The Irenic requires more planning than the Ché.”

TV Girl is a Los Angeles-based indie pop band which includes Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon. The band came into the spotlight with their song “If You Want it” from their first extended play (EP), titled Our First 3 EPs. One of their most popular songs is “Lovers Rock” from their French Exit album.

Crumb is a New York-based, jazz-infused psychedelic rock band consisting Lila Ramani, Jesse Brotter, Brian Aronow, and Jonathan Gilad. One of their most popular songs, “Locket,” has been described as “a pleasurable free-fall down Alice’s rabbit hole.” The band became known for their unique sound with the release of their album Crumb in 2016.

The TV Girl show will be held on Thursday February 7, while the Crumb show will be held on Sunday February 24. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and both shows are open to all ages.

All tickets purchased for both the Ché Café shows will still be honored.

Soda Bar and The Irenic have not returned requests for comment at time of publication.

Kiyahna Brown is a contributing writer for The Triton. You can follow her on Twitter @Kitkat12600.