EDITORIAL: 2019 Campus Elections Endorsements


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The Triton‘s Editorial Board recognizes its role as a student-run newspaper to hold elected officials accountable to students. Associated Students of UC San Diego (ASUCSD) oversees around $6 million in student fees, which are used to promote student-focused initiatives. The Triton’s Editorial Board evaluated all candidates for executive office based on individual interviews and public information available about their proposed policies and experience.

Three candidates were disqualified this year, leaving only one candidate per executive position. As a newspaper, we recognize the gravity of endorsing unopposed candidates without careful evaluation. As such, while we proudly endorse Eleanor Grudin and Melina Reynoso, we believe the sole Vice President of External Affairs candidate lacks the experience to merit an endorsement.

To vote in the campus election, click here. Voting on TritonLink opens at 10 a.m. and closes on Friday, April 13 at 4:00 p.m.

Eleanor Grudin for President

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Grudin presents a vision for continued stability and progress on issues such as basic needs and student input. Although she is now the only candidate, The Triton stands by our original decision to endorse Grudin for the 2019 ASUCSD election. Read more on Grudin here.

Melina Reynoso for Vice President of Campus Affairs

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Melina Reynoso has served on Thurgood Marshall College Student Council (TMCSC) as First Year Representative and currently serves as a Marshall College Senator for ASUCSD. The Triton believes she has proven herself to be a capable leader at both the college level and the campus level. Read more on Reynoso here.

No Endorsement for Vice President of External Affairs

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The Triton’s Editorial Board will not be endorsing a candidate for Associated Students of UC San Diego’s (ASUCSD) External Vice President (EVP). We believe the power of this office is too profound to be wielded by an inexperienced candidate. For this reason, we recommend that Tiger Huang step down from his candidacy and allow a more experienced candidate to be appointed during the upcoming session. Read more on our decision here.

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