Alicia Keys is Rehearsing On Campus Today

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Alicia Keys
Photo Courtesy of Alicia Keys' Facebook

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She’s not just a girl, and she’s not on fire. But, singer-songwriter Alicia Keys is expected to rehearse on campus at the Conrad Prebys Music Center sometime today. 

Campus Ambassadors Carlota Conant and Owen Cruise were on a morning shift at Price Center loop when a man approached them asking for directions. 

“This guy approached us while Owen and I were on our bus shift and asked where he’s supposed to drop off the equipment for Alicia Keys’ [rehearsal].” Conant and Cruise said he had been sent from Studio Instrument Rentals in Los Angeles to drop off equipment for Keys. 

Keys is a 15-time Grammy award-winning artist with hits including “If I Ain’t Got You” and “No One.” On September 6, ABC 10 News reported that Keys and husband Swizz Beatz bought a $20-million mansion in La Jolla. The mansion, named “Razor House,” allegedly inspired Tony Stark’s mansion in the movie Iron Man

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