BREAKING: Weekend Parking Policies to Include the First Hour Free


Picture of Gilman Drive Facing the Veteran Affairs Building
Mo Al Elew (The Triton)

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UC San Diego Transportation Services announced the new weekend parking policies today. The revised weekend parking policies include new additions such as the first hour of weekend parking at no cost in most lots and free parking in Lot P782 on weekends near shuttle access. 

Associated Students of UCSD (ASUCSD) Office of the President put out a press release dated August 29 about the new weekend parking rates. 

The new weekend policies are outlined in the press release sent to students via email:

  1. Other than Lot P782 (near Mesa housing), all campus parking lots will require a valid parking permit or payment from an app or pay station on Saturdays and Sundays. Lot P782 is accessible using the campus weekend shuttles. 
  2. Current parking permit holders as well as Night and Weekend permits will abide by the same rules as before. 
  3. Permit holders will be allowed to park in all A, B, S, and V spots on weekends. 
  4. The first hour of weekend parking will be free at most lots. Parking fees will be capped at the fourth hour, and weekend parking rates will be half of weekday rates. This makes weekend rates to be $1.50/hour. 
  5. Students may register online for 10 complimentary one-day weekend parking passes, which will come in the form of one-day parking permits and can be used at any A, B, S, and V spot. 
  6. Transportation Services and the Student Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) are working to find ways to mitigate parking fees for special events and student organizations that hold weekend meetings. 
  7. The transportation policies are subject to change as the quarter progresses. 

This story is still developing, check back for updates.
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