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Are you interested in writing and learning more about the campus? Join The Triton! We’re a digital-first, independent, student-run news source that produces content relevant to the UC San Diego community.

You don’t have to be a Communications Major or want to be a journalist. In fact, many of our writers and editors are STEM majors who plan on going into STEM fields!

Members of our staff learn to be critical thinkers and engage with the world around them.

We will have two info sessions: on October 3 and October 9 at 7:30 p.m.. Stop by to get to know our staff and learn more about The Triton!

If you have any questions, please email Managing Editor Ethan Coston at


The news team investigates and reports stories around campus to provide objective truth to the student community. Any information that affects the UCSD student body falls within this section, and we do our best to follow any leads and break stories. We Break News Better!

“In a newspaper environment, communication is crucial for ensuring that all stories are published in a timely manner. The editors of The Triton are good at communicating their article ideas and checking in on the physical and mental health of the staff, which I am grateful for.”

~ Samir Nomani, Staff Writer

Why You Should Apply:

Fond of the truth? Fond of investigations?  Fond of public accountability? The news team may be just for you. We work in a fun, fast-paced environment that keeps everyone on their toes. The news section is never boring because there’s always something to write about. There are so many topics under news that there’s definitely a niche for you to become an expert in. We aim to inform and educate the campus community about what’s going on at UCSD, within the UC system, and statewide.

“Our campus can feel huge, and at times overwhelming, and for me, The Triton has allowed me to essentially be in the middle of everything. I feel like it’s so easy to close yourself off to just your immediate interests and kind of forget what else is happening, but with The Triton I can basically have a finger on the pulse at any given moment.”

~ Sahana Narayan, Staff Writer


Has this ever happened to you? Something about this campus frustrates you to no end and you feel like standing on a (metaphorical) platform and proclaiming: Hey, all of us should care!!! Well, look no further than our Opinion section, where you’ll be doing just that…just, a little more eloquently, using pointed articles.

Why You Should Apply:

Join us to improve your persuasive writing (college writing sequences, we see you), hone your thoughts into certified Hot Takes, and get involved in a community of people like you—opinionated and ready to write. We’re looking for driven, passionate people who can articulate rants with sound logic.

Arts and Culture

We share insight on events and issues within arts and culture at UCSD. This includes, but is not limited to, student-run productions, art galleries, shows, and lectures. We seek to cultivate excitement and awareness of humanities-related events within this STEM-focused school.

Why You Should Apply:

Are you passionate about the arts and humanities? Do you attend student curated events? Well, if you do, we have a spot for you! The Arts and Culture staff dedicates creative energy into sharing, reviewing, and exploring the plethora of artistic expression at UCSD. Come on in and share your passion with us!

The Conch

Although formerly known as an amalgam of satire, quirky news, and non-fiction that did not find a home in one of the other sections, The Conch now exists as a strictly satirical section. Articles can employ a variety of design principles or gimmicks but should always have a point. These can include faux news reports, tongue-in-cheek op-eds, persona authors, and Buzzfeed-style lists.

Why You Should Apply:

Joining our staff early means that you can have an influential role in shaping the section for years to come. We’re looking for unique personalities who want to develop their satirical process. You could have a hand in writing articles, producing graphics, and growing the section’s infrastructure.

Social Media

The Social Media Team works to promote content of The Triton towards UC San Diego through a variety of social media platforms. With apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we highlight new articles in order to gain viewership and engage with our audience’s opinions and comments. The Social Media Team is able to work with The Triton’s photographers to select photos to be shared; furthermore, we engage with all content to give brief and interesting summaries of the stories on all platforms. Stories that are relevant and recent to our campus are selected as we hope to raise awareness of developments that may affect the student body and the community around UCSD.

“Everything I know has been taught to me by my peers, and I hope to do the same for those that will soon join our team. So many staff I have worked with have set this example; without their help I would not be where I am today.”

~ Darryl Nagal, Social Media Manager

Why You Should Apply:

Come work with The Triton’s social media team to get a behind-the-scenes look at our editorial process. We’re looking for passionate individuals who care about what’s happening at this university and finding the best ways to hold online conversations about student stories.

Photo and Design

We produce photographic content for the The Triton. Photographers produce a wide variety of creative images that highlights student interests at UCSD. Assignments can include group and individual portraits, daily news, event coverage, and stock images among others.

Why You Should Apply:

Join The Triton’s photography team to get real world experience as a visual storyteller. We’re looking for self-driven individuals with an eye for capturing images that move others. Photographers supplement the articles with images that tell stories in photojournalistic terms. We are looking for individuals looking to grow and hone their craft.


We edit and revise articles and any other media that The Triton publishes/posts. We also update and maintain our style guide so that it is inclusive, consistent, and clear.

“I think student press has always been lauded as a hallmark of the First Amendment on the surface but dismissed as amateurish in reality, but the work that The Triton‘s staff put into publication is a testament to the quality and worthiness of student reporting. Our voices have power, and I have seen firsthand the change that resulted from the dissemination of information.”

~ Yang Lu, Assistant Copy Editor

Why You Should Apply:

Do you have a passion for the Oxford comma? Do you have suggestions about how to improve our style guide? Maybe you want to see how each section works. Regardless of the reason, the copy section allows you to connect with the editing process and gives you a small snapshot of what is written in each section.

Admin and Tech

Running a successful newspaper means more than just publishing quality articles. The Administrative Department provides support throughout the behind-the-scenes goings-on of The Triton. You could consider Admin the “and more!” that goes on the end of a list of bullet points of all of the things that The Triton does day-to-day.

Admin responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Onboarding new staff
  • Web design and analytics
  • Fundraising and finance
  • Merchandise
  • Internal communication tools
  • Planning social events
  • And more!

Why You Should Apply:

A successful Admin team requires individuals who are passionate about project-based work, and about supporting the mission of The Triton. We are looking for applicants who can work with and across multiple diverse teams and can see mid- to long-term projects through from start to finish.