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Library Walk was dormant underneath the hoards of students walking back from their last remaining midterms. Amongst the crowds of sleep-deprived zombies, we caught glimpses of what seemed to be some festive spirit. Shrouded in their flowing garments and shimmering makeup, there were characters from plumbers to sorcerers—of course, all in the spirit of Halloween. We found Freddy Krueger amidst the hauntingly tall Eucalyptus trees, a Slytherin studying her notes in a library, and even an iClicker making her way to her next lecture. Here are the fantastical, somewhat comical, goblins we met on campus during All Hallow’s Eve. 

Daniella Ashouri / The Triton

Shuaiqing Zhou, Second Year, Ghost Bride

Shuaiqing donned a stunning vintage dress and finished off the look with the entrancing royal blue of her necklace. The traces of faux blood on Shuaiqing’s face make the beautiful seem menacing.

Quang Minh Dao / The Triton

Alter Ego Dance Team, Akatsuki members and Naruto

During their time off, the Alter Ego Dance Team performs jutsus at Gilman Parking Structure.

Naomi Louie, First Year, Ramona Flowers

Naomi embodies the spunky Ramona Flowers from the bright hue of violet hair down to the iconic star messenger bag that the character carries in the movie.

Erin Yoon, Second Year, Slytherin Student Witch

Being the good witch that she is, Erin was spotted studying for exams instead of casting the Avada Kedavra curse upon the poor Muggles of UCSD.

Christine Eco, UCSD Alum, Sully

Christine walks through Monster University with her head held high in her furry Sully trooper hat.

Luke Yu, Second Year, NASA Astronaut

Luke looks to the camera with a glint of justice in his eyes and an air of responsibility about his person. Luke is on his way to save the world … after he aces his midterm.

Geneve Goltz / The Triton

Gabriel Mason, First Year, Freddy Krueger

Caught in the daytime, Freddy took a break from terrorizing his midterms to give us a menacing pose amongst the shadows of Price Center.

Rachel Fox, COMM PhD Student, iClicker

Clever but effective, Rachel sheds some light on #examszn by bringing humor to the one thing we as students dread the most… the infamous iClicker.

Eva Liu, Fourth Year, The Witness from Love, Death, & Robots

A niche, yet accurate costume of the witness in an episode of the Netflix series Love, Death, & Robots. Eva’s purposefully smeared makeup mirrors the eccentric animation style of the thrilling short.  

Quang Minh Dao / The Triton

Mo Al Elew, The Triton’s Assistant News Editor, as Luigi and Melissa Posada, The Triton’s Copy Editor, as Mario

Two editors, one iconic duo of plumbers. Mo wears a fashionable rendition of Luigi’s overalls while Melissa stands proudly, ready to take on Bowser.

Yingxue Pan, Second Year, Black Cat

Glistening under Geisel Library’s reflective rays, Yingxue stands looking more purr-fect than ever! She paired some cute fuzzy ears with dark lacey fishnets to give the ultimate catalicious look.

Rowena Apo, Third Year, Billie Eilish

Rowena unleashes her inner Miss Eilish with a laidback look of an oversized wardrobe and stunning layered jewels; having emotions on full display, Rowena leads us to believe that she’s really the bad guy … duh! 

Quang Minh Dao / The Triton

Power Rangers

Taking time out of their day from fighting villainous midterms, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers assembled in front of York Hall to let us thank them for their heroic service.

Roxanne Perez, Second Year, Athena

Standing tall and courageously, Roxanne embodies the goddess of wisdom with her stunning gown and her owl by her side. Roxanne blessed not only Geisel Library with strength and inspiration, but all of UCSD during this exam period.

Ivana Cuk is a Staff Writer for The Triton. Heather Lim is the Arts and Culture Editor of The Triton.

Correction: The headline of this article was updated at 4:45 p.m. on November 5 to remove a racial slur. Read a statement from our Managing Editor here.