ERC and Sixth: A Friendship That Could Never Be

The Conch

Arlene Banuelos / The Triton

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My dear friend in Eleanor Roosevelt College (ERC),

If you are receiving this letter, it means that it has been delivered to you upon my last request, as I did not survive the journey to unite with you. Alas, the six-college system and the ultimately brutal geography of this campus have gotten the best of me, and I’m afraid this may be the last you hear from me.

I have braved a hundred miles to see you, but I guess it was never meant to be. You’re an ERC soul and, well, my heart and my home lie within Sixth College—a friendship destined for failure. It deeply saddens me that we have been divided by the strict confines of the six-college system. While we are the closest of companions, this long distance friendship has become both a physical and an emotional burden.

In spite of this unfortunate outcome, you should know the trials and tribulations I have suffered through in my best efforts to reach you:

We agreed upon meeting at your dwelling in Asia Hall; thus I prepared myself for the gruesome pilgrimage ahead from Camp Snoopy in Sixth. As soon as my feet hit the pavement, beginning my venture outside, I was greeted by a gaze of raccoons. Panic flooded my being, yet I knew I had to conquer these beasts because there lay a long adventure ahead. I fought off the raccoons with nothing but my Hydro Flask and quick wit, and eventually escaped the depths of Sixth.

From then, my journey continued into Warren College. Despite how treacherous the terrain might be, I chose the path alongside the canyon rather than through central campus in the interest of time. Regrettably, my friend, choosing the path of greater resistance was my ultimate downfall. The massive and undeniably steep hill that stood between me and the border of ERC was a feat I could not accomplish. The cold, dark abyss of Warren’s canyon that lined this path only added to the fears and anxiety that culminated inside of me. Regardless of my best efforts, ultimately I do not stand before you today, for I could not make it up this mountain. The Hopkins Parking Structure glared down at me from the top of the hill, towering over me in an insulting way that let me know that UC San Diego had won. Both the physical and institutional infrastructure of this school had wiped my spirit—I could not reach you, my ERC friend.

My deepest apologies, but I fear our friendship may soon expire, as it is written in the stars and our admission letters, that this friendship cannot be. We are forbidden from living together on this campus, and the travels we must make to one another are simply too far for both of us. Please know that I will hold you in my heart for years to come, and I will never forget the sacred bond that we once shared.

I wish you the best of luck,
Your defeated companion in Sixth

Isabelle Wong is a Contributing Writer for The Triton.