Fresh Pots! Brings Local Music from Tijuana to UCSD

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UC San Diego Fresh Pots! promotional graphic.
Photo Courtesy of the Che Café

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Sun God may be the most hyped music festival on campus, but don’t miss the second weekend of the Fresh Pots! Music Festival this Saturday, February 8 from 4:00-11:00 p.m., hosted by the Che Café Collective.

Fresh Pots! has all the Che fixtures: great vegan food and a space to appreciate the local music scene. What makes Fresh Pots! unique is the connection it makes with local music scenes across the border. With this mission in mind, the first weekend of the festival highlights local artists from San Diego while this upcoming weekend will feature those from Tijuana.

“The event was inspired by the work of Franco Rakigija, who founded Fresh Pots! to introduce new music to a larger audience, especially … artists from both sides of the border to allow people to understand and recognize the talent and work put into this music without having the stigma of crossing the border detriment accessibility,” said Che Café Event Manager Ryan Roden.

Roden also said that the project doesn’t exist just to connect people to new music, but it also helps artists network across the border.

The lineup will feature San Pedro El Cortez, Parque de Cometas, Sociedad Secreta del Vacio, Fractal, Adeumazel, Incognito, Aldente, Junipero, and FRNCE. 3.

For those of us who haven’t already, it’s clearly time to check out the Tijuana music scene—what better time than this weekend?

Fresh Pots! Will be held at The Che Café Collective and is free for UCSD Students with ID.

“Making [the TJ music scene] more recognizable and open for people to enjoy helps not only [the] audience but also the artists,” Roden said.

Kate Zegans is the Opinion Editor of The Triton.