Kate Zegans Elected 2020-21 Managing Editor


Kristina Stahl / The Triton

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Kate Zegans was elected as Managing Editor of The Triton for the 2020-21 school year by The Triton’s Editorial Board at the end of Winter Quarter 2020.

Zegans is a second-year Sociology major in Sixth College who joined the paper in Winter Quarter 2018 as a staff writer. Zegans became the Arts and Culture Assistant Editor by the end of the quarter. Following the retirement of the previous Opinion Editor Patrick Alexander, she became the Opinion Editor Winter Quarter 2020.

“I want to follow in the legacy of past [executives] and build The Triton‘s credibility by maintaining journalistic rigor within each of our pieces, choosing to cover stories that speak to the truth of the UCSD student experience, and by focusing on community engagement,” said Zegans. “We must not only embrace the challenge of student-focused reporting in a largely administratively focused institution but understand that this makes our coverage all the more valuable.”

Zegans succeeds previous Managing Editor Ethan Edward Coston. During his tenure, Coston worked to improve The Triton’s website, boost recruitment and retention, and implemented extensive fact-checking procedures to ensure accuracy of information.

“Kate’s passion for informing the campus community is unparalleled in The Triton,” commended Coston. “In her previous positions, she has taken great care to ensure that everyone is represented in our content. I have no doubt that she will bring her enthusiasm and ideas into her new role as managing editor. I’m already proud of what she’s accomplished over the last few weeks.”

The 2020-21 Editorial Board is as follows:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Ella Chen
  • Managing Editor: Kate Zegans
  • Administrative Director: Orianna Borrelli
  • News Editor: Samir Nomani
  • Opinion Editor: Grace Garber
  • Multimedia Editor: Kristina Stahl
  • Copy Editor: Andrew Chin

The full 2020-21 editorial staff can be found on the About Us page of The Triton’s website.

Samir Nomani is the News Editor at The Triton. You can follow him @samir_the_first.