EDITORIAL: 2020 Campus Elections Endorsements

AS Elections 2020 - Editorial

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The Triton‘s Editorial Board recognizes its role as a student-run newspaper to hold elected officials accountable to students. Associated Students of UC San Diego (ASUCSD) oversees around $6 million in student fees, which are used to promote student-focused initiatives. The Triton’s Editorial Board evaluated all candidates for executive office based on individual interviews and public information available about their proposed policies and experience.

There are two candidates running for each executive board position. As a newspaper, we recognize the gravity of endorsing candidates without careful evaluation. As such, we proudly endorse Samuel J-W Fleet and Alisha Saxena for the vice president of campus affairs and vice president of external affairs respectively. However, while both candidates running for president have viable qualities that will aid them if elected, the board’s concerns regarding each candidate’s goals and action plans outweighed the decision to endorse a candidate. 

To vote in the campus election, click here. Voting on TritonLink opened at 10 a.m. and will close on Friday, April 13 at 4:00 p.m.

No Endorsement for President 

The Triton’s Editorial Board will not be endorsing a candidate for Associated Students of UC San Diego’s (ASUCSD) President. We believe the power of this office is too profound to endorse either candidate. For this reason, we advise both Kimberly Giangtran and Patrick Miencharoen to re-evaluate their policy goals to determine their specificity and feasibility, particularly during one term in presidency. Read more on our decision here.

Samuel J-W Fleet for Vice President of Campus Affairs

Samuel J-W Fleet is aware of the responsibilities outlined for the vice president of campus affairs. While he does not have prior student government experience, the Board was impressed with his ability to respond to specific questions pertaining to his goals, such as budget allocations and relations with other offices and departments. Furthermore, Fleet brings a fresh perspective that AS needs, but is aware of the boundaries of his role. Read more about our decision here.

Alisha Saxena for Vice President of External Affairs.

Alisha Saxena is a current first-year student who has experience with the Office of Local Affairs and Student Organized Voter Access Committee (SOVAC). The Board was impressed with her knowledge of the role that the Office of External Affairs plays in representing the interests of UCSD students on the local, state, and federal level. Read more about our decision here.

To hear from the candidates directly, ASUCSD will be hosting Election Debates tonight from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The Triton will be moderating the presidential debate.

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