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The Triton Presents: The Sauce. A Black column written by Kiyahna Brown which will discuss the experiences Black students have gone through and may go through while being at UCSD. This column is made by a Black student for Black students in an effort to highlight more Black representation within The Triton. 

Why “The Sauce” you ask? I don’t know if you still remember Vine, but I remember a Vine of a guy at Best Buy explaining the difference between the juice and the sauce. He says that “the juice is temporary and easily obtainable, but the sauce? The sauce lasts forever.” This column is going to be fresh, intriguing, and exciting! The Sauce will be so good, it’ll leave you wanting more long after you’ve read it. So stay tuned and come back when more sauce is spilled!   

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Kiyahna Brown is the Assistant Arts and Culture Editor and creator of The Sauce: a new Black column within The Triton. You can follow her on Instagram @Kitkat12600