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FLORA* Art Show Highlights QTPOC Artists

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Queer, Transgender, and People of Color (QTPOC) UCSD hosted FLORA*, an art show showcasing QTPOC artists and musicians, at KSDT Radio Station on Saturday April 7. …

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Photographer Canyon Schmerse Captures His Creative Side Through a Camera Lens

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Canyon Schmerse, a first year Sixth College student from Salt Lake City, Utah, isn’t good at drawing or painting. But it’s a completely different story when …

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Rising Star Emily Beihold Explores Adolescence through Music

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Emily Beihold, a first year at UC San Diego, received her first piano in 2006… and the rest was musical history. She started off learning classical …

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Dining Halls for All: A Comprehensive Guide

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Food is the answer to everything. Luckily, here at UC San Diego, you have quite a few options to satisfy whatever cravings you have, though it …