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The ICA Activity Fee Referendum passed 6137 to 2567 votes, with 124 abstaining, which means that UCSD will be moving to Division I for the 2016-17 school year. Associated Students UCSD announced the outcome of the special election today at noon.

Voting was extended until May 23 after a technical issue caused the site to be inactive on May 16. Voter turnout was 35.07 percent, according to a Facebook post by AS UCSD.

The referendum will increase Student Activity Fees by $60 per quarter beginning the year after UCSD receives an invitation to the conference. The fees will increase the following school year by $55 and will level out the next year with an increase of $45. The fees will be used to cover the cost of moving UCSD into the higher division.

There have been mixed student responses regarding this issue. Those opposed to the referendum believed that moving to Division I would not greatly affect school spirit, and that it would not be worth the incurred cost. Those in favor of the referendum claimed that moving to Division I would increase school spirit and create a more cohesive campus culture.
“D1 not only raises our athletic teams but delivers a range of benefits to the campus & average student,” said the Pro-Division I statement of the referendum. “It aligns us with like institutions, premier comprehensive universities, globally recognized for broad-based excellence.”


A previous version of this article contained incorrect information about the fee increase. The information is now updated and correct. 

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  1. Claire Maniti says:

    Gabe Schneider help?!
    The fee is not decreasing after year one of the increase, as this article states. Those numbers are added, not subtracted.
    Additionally, the fee increases starting the year after the campus gets an invitation. While talks with the conference are ongoing, and most likely UCSD will get the invitation soon, it’s not guaranteed.