Simplicity At Its Finest: Sales and Inspired and the Sleep Perform at The Loft

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(Photo courtesy of Sales / Carlos Quinteros Jr.)

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On May 13th, the Florida-based indie duo SALES joined together with San Diego’s very own Inspired and the Sleep to create a night full of calm vibes and harmonious melodies. These two bands, though quite different in sound, complemented each other nicely and share an undoubtable passion for performance.

Since the release of their first album Kaleidoscope Years in 2012, local band Inspired and the Sleep has been touring around California. Their latest album Eyelid Kid mixes psychedelic twang with pop and jazz influences and, when juxtaposed with Kaleidoscope Years, showcases their evolution as artists. Based in North County, they have performed at UCSD’s The Loft multiple times and came on stage expressing their excitement to be back.

Inspired and the Sleep performed a majority of songs from their newest album, with their single “In My Labyrinth Mind” attracting the most attention from the audience. Lead singer Max Greenhalgh’s versatile voice melds perfectly with the colorful ambience of this techno-inspired tune. The common change in tempo (I think what you mean is tempo, which is the speed of the song. Rhythm is pulse of the music.) mirrors the lyrics, which expresses the variation of human thought and complexities of a relationship stained by uncontrollable thoughts — “It’s all just child stuff / Cause real life’s the chime of ticking clocks / Stay if you want to / Can’t help the things I put you through in my labyrinth mind.”

After a calm, yet memorable opener, it was time for SALES. Composed of musicians and long-time friends Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih, the duo released their first single in 2013 entitled “Renee.” With their simplistic melodies and poetic lyrics, SALES established a fan base and self-released an EP in 2014 through the musical platform Bandcamp. Earlier this year SALES LP was released, unveiling fifteen new tracks.

SALES opened with one of their most well-known songs, “Vow,” an anthem for all outsiders, where Morgan sings of being shy and overthinking. The simple melodies paired with her innocent voice left the audience swaying and feeling at ease. Playing around with the crowd and hinting at the title of their next song, Morgan started off the second piece with a loud “1, 2, 3, 4!” followed by one of the most mellow songs from the new LP “Pope is a Rockstar.”

As they continued to play tracks off of their newest LP, the crowd begs for them to play “Ivy,” one of her most recent singles. Morgan disregards this suggestion and instead says, “This song is for all you lovers out there,” as they go on to play “Gettin It On.” The lyrics convey both innocence and subtle sensuality as she questions her uncontrollable actions by repeatedly singing, “How could I be so wrong?”

Towards the end of their performance, SALES listened to the audience and finally performed “Ivy.” The intimacy of the concert provided an unforgettable sense of unity in the crowd as SALES demonstrated their talent through a minimalistic approach to music — a story-like lullaby that created an atmosphere full of warmth and love.

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