Editorial: Kiara Gomez for 2018-2019 A.S. President


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Kiara Gomez is prepared to apply her years of experience navigating Associated Students spaces to make her vision of UC San Diego’s student government a reality.

As a San Diego native, Gomez prioritizes redefining the traditional role of Associated Students as a body strictly serving UC students to a body also serving local San Diego students facing similar issues of basic needs insecurity. Gomez’s plan to establish a network between UCSD, San Diego State University (SDSU), and neighboring California State Universities (CSUs) and community colleges is both well-planned and achievable.

Another of Gomez’s main platforms involves rectifying the disconnected relationship between students and their Associated Students of UCSD (ASUCSD) representatives. Instead of placing blame on poor student engagement, Gomez understands that the root of this issue lies within the institutional nature of ASUCSD itself. Citing the importance of hearing the concerns of students firsthand during her tenure as Associate Vice President of Food and Housing Resources and as Vice Chair External of Marshall College Student Council, Gomez proposes biweekly open forums as a solution to the problem of low student interest.

As someone from a basic needs background, Gomez also hopes to implement a “standard of living” document to hold the university accountable for each student’s health, safety, and well-being. Gomez finds it imperative to establish an emergency protocol in tandem with a “standard of living” document to prevent dangerous situations from arising, in light of the escalating housing crisis at UCSD. These necessary, proactive initiatives shed light on Gomez’s connection to and passion for the community that she deserves to represent and serve.

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Editor’s Note: A previous version of the article was not tagged as an editorial. The title has been updated for transparency and clarity.