Editorial: 2018 Campus Election Endorsements


Photo courtesy of EMPOWER slate.

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The Triton Editorial Board recognizes our role as a student newspaper to hold those in power accountable. Associated Students oversees more than $5 million in student funds, leads significant initiatives, and has the potential to create lasting, meaningful change on this campus. New boards will be elected, but our mission as a newspaper will remain to call for transparency, improvements, and inclusivity of those traditionally barred from positions of power. The Triton Editorial Board evaluated candidates based on interviews and public information, and endorsed candidates that solicited a majority vote. Our essential criteria for evaluation included candidates’ experience, their proposal of clear advocacy goals, and their values.

This year’s limited choice between independent candidates and candidates on the EMPOWER slate points to the glaring disengagement between student government and campus affairs. Rather than endorsing unopposed candidates without scrutiny, the Triton Editorial Board paid close attention to candidates’ critiques and suggestions to improve the inaccessible nature of Associated Students.  

We are proud to endorse each member of the diverse EMPOWER slate, and are especially excited to potentially witness the tenure of another woman of color in the office of the A.S. President.

To vote in the campus election, click here. Voting on TritonLink is open now through Friday, April 13 at 4:00 p.m. 

Kiara Gomez for President

Kiara Gomez is prepared to apply her years of experience navigating Associated Students spaces to make her vision of UC San Diego’s student government a reality. Read more on Gomez here.

Caroline Siegel Singh for Vice President of External Affairs (VPEA)

With years of lobbying experience with the University of California Student Association (UCSA) in her pocket, Caroline Siegel Singh is an excellent candidate to elevate and mobilize student voices this year. Read more on Siegel Singh here.

Daron Woods for Vice President of Campus Affairs (VPCA)

As someone who has long served campus communities, Woods exhibits the compassion and commitment necessary to improve the experience of transfer students and other student minorities at UCSD. Read more on Woods here.

Vote ‘Yes’ on Student Transportation Fee Referendum

Given the relatively minimal increase in the San Diego Metropolitan Transportation System (MTS) fees and the important access to bus and trolley lines that MTS offers students, The Triton endorses a “yes” vote on the Student Transportation Fee Referendum. Read more on the Student Transportation Fee referendum here.

Vote ‘No’ on the CALPIRG Referendum

CALPIRG stands for the California Public Interest Research Group. A quick Google search will inform you that CALPIRG is the California chapter of Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) across the United States, which organize liberal, grassroots advocacy for political change. During this year’s elections, students will be voting on a referendum on whether or not to authorize CALPIRG’s voluntary opt-in fee, collected through Student Business Services.

Regardless of the progressive nature of CALPIRG’s advocacy and its potential separation from the multimillion dollar lobbying organization, a political lobbying organization should not be authorized to collect money from students on their campuses. Read more on why you should vote ‘no’ on the CALPIRG referendum here. 

Editor’s Note: These are our endorsements for ASUCSD Executives and Referenda; Senate endorsements can be found here.

Update: A previous version of the article was not tagged as an editorial. The title has been updated for transparency and clarity.