Editorial: Vote 'Yes' on Student Transportation Fee Referendum


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Given the relatively minimal increase in the San Diego Metropolitan Transportation System (MTS) fees and the important access to bus and trolley lines that MTS offers students, The Triton endorses a “yes” vote on the Student Transportation Fee Referendum. In addition to extending a program which increases student access to transportation around San Diego, 29 percent of the fee will also go toward “financial funding to be awarded by the Financial Aid Office based on student need.” Furthermore, the MTS U-Pass program requires at least 20 percent of campus participation and a majority-yes vote to be renewed. If it’s not renewed, the UCSD bus sticker system will cease to exist. The passage of the referendum retains crucial student control over U-Pass fees so that no changes can be made without another referendum.

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Editor’s Note: A previous version of the article was not tagged as an editorial. The title has been updated for transparency and clarity. This article was also updated on April 10 to more clearly communicate that U-Pass would be dissolved.